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Mission Statement

It has become my motivation, passion, and ultimate life goal to help people find their way forward in life. I see great strength, and humility of character in asking for help. You are saying "I am taking responsibility for my situation in life and I want things to get better.” 


I believe in the uniqueness of your needs, strongly valuing qualities of humility and integrity, believing these principles will direct a meaningful and contented life. I believe in the power of personal responsibility and self-acceptance; that with these principles you can transcend your pain and suffering, and facilitate personal inner contentment and growth. I believe that the Person-Centred Approach to Counselling can facilitate these transformations for you, and that the path to well-being, contentment and growth can be found through the therapeutic relationship with a counsellor.

I am passionate and committed to my therapeutic practice and proud of the professionalism and strong ethics of the therapeutic service that I strive to provide. I relish the opportunity to work with you and am invigorated by my counselling work. Seeing and being a part of your process and progress is a great gift.


"The degree to which I can create relationships, which facilitate the growth of others as separate persons, is a measure of the growth I have achieved in myself." 

Carl Rogers

Qualifications and Experience

I am a fully qualified person-centred counsellor and am a fully registered and certified member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and practice in line with their ethical framework for good practice.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

  • BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) Certificate of Proficiency

  • Registered Member of the BACP

  • Certificates in Counselling Skills

  • Certificate in Counselling Children and Young People

  • Transactional Analysis Introduction 101 Certificate

  • Mindvalley Speak and Inspire Certificate with Coach Lisa Nichols

  • Experience working with young people and adults of varied backgrounds and cultures

  • Experience working in high pressured manufacturing industry at all levels of hierarchy

  • Various focused CPD (Continued Professional Development) courses


I have experience working with adults coming from many different age groups, backgrounds, cultures and presentations.


Through my private practice and work for a local counselling charity ‘Windsor and Maidenhead Youth and Community Counselling Service’ in Slough, I have worked with clients presenting with many varied issues. The main of these being depression, trauma - (dissociation, PTSD, refugee repatriation), work related stress, anxiety, addiction, bereavement and loss, emotional abuse, anger management, family/relationship issues, self-esteem, self-rejection and co-dependency.

I also have experience working with young people, 13 years old and upwards. Working out of High Wycombe with the counselling charity ‘Time to Talk’, I have worked with young people bringing many issues, the main ones being; developmental issues, issues of self-esteem, sexuality, co-dependency, family issues, drug addiction, self-harm and self-rejection.

 My practice is continually evolving as I work with an open mind, believing that my clients will inevitably open my awareness to areas within which I become motivated to focus my continued professional development (CPD).


Me and my Background

As a once anxious young man with my own developmental challenges, the ability to feel and offer empathy and understanding of people’s issues has grown quite organically within me over the years.

I consider myself an integrated individual with broad life experience. My experiences have been diverse in many ways, including having had much experience of different cultures and beliefs, having lived in the far east for some time.


I have been through extensive therapy myself over the years, navigating the terrain of my childhood, adolescence and early adulthood. I know first hand what great courage it takes to be truly vulnerable with another person and how this is the greatest catalyst for personal transformation in inner contentment, well-being and progress.

I come from a long background in large format graphic manufacturing, and account management, so I know first-hand about the pressures of modern-day working life. The potential monotony of the 9 to 5, stressful deadlines, the expectations of the firm and colleagues, building and maintaining healthy relationships with colleagues amidst company politics. This can be a hard terrain to navigate.

I understand the pressures of family life and our closest relationships, what it is to lose loved ones and the re-orientations that we must face in ourselves as life and others change. I understand the challenges that young people and adults face with the pressures of modern day life amidst today's technology, in our rapidly changing world, and the anxiety that this can induce. I understand the pressures of wanting to ‘fit in’ and how this can lead us away from our truest selves, living a life that doesn’t feel meaningful or contented.

Fundamentally, what I want you to hear, is that I have lived and experienced, that I understand the challenges that life brings; that transcending painful issues can seem like a mammoth task and one that may seem too much. I want you to know that through the therapeutic relationship with a counsellor it is possible to find your way forward, no matter how impossible the pain and struggle may seem inside you right now.

Please do get in touch, it would be a privilege to help you.

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