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How I can help you

By deeply hearing, and being with you in your subjective reality, I will endeavour to understanding your pain, your struggle. I will journey alongside you, empowering you to gain clarity in awareness, so that you may know and accept yourself at a deeper level and move into a greater state of well-being. In the safety and warmth of the therapeutic relationship I will help you to be present with your thoughts and emotions; so that you can see a way forward and work towards a growing sense of inner peace and contentment, with more focus and clarity.

With experience working with adults and young people of many ages, backgrounds and cultures, my practice is diverse and adaptable to your unique and specific needs.



Maybe you have been saying things to yourself like:

  •          I can’t go on like this, I need help!

  •          I wish I could be more confident.

  •          Why do I stay in this relationship?

  •          I think my drinking might be a problem.

  •          No one in my family listens.

  •          No one understands me.

  •          Why do I hate myself?

  •          I wish I felt less anxious?

  •          I feel like my grief is consuming me.

  •          I don’t feel like I fit in.

  •          I hate my body.

  •          I can’t do this job any longer.

  •          Why do I keep pushing people away.

  • ​         Why can't I control my anger?!​

My core experience has been working with, but not limited to, presenting client issues of: -

Abuse – Do you feel as though you are being treated cruelly by someone close to you? Maybe you are suffering from physical or emotional abuse or are feeling greatly neglected by someone who matters to you.

Addiction - Do you feel trapped in behaviours that you feel you lack control over? You see how these behaviours negatively affect your daily life; your health, well-being and dearest relationships; yet you can’t seem to stop, despite your greatest efforts. Addiction comes in many forms and can be a challenging issue to face.

Anxiety Do you feel unease a lot of the time? Maybe you are always worrying about things or feel feelings of fear that consume your mind and physical body. Maybe you find it hard to remain in the present moment and are always distracted.

Anger management Do you tend to fly off the handle too much? Is losing your temper with your loved ones and/or work colleagues becoming a problem that you don’t seem to be able to find an answer for?

Bereavement and loss Have you recently lost a loved one and are finding it hard to cope with your grief and continue with life’s responsibilities? Maybe you have recently split up with a long-term partner and are finding it hard to be apart and alone with yourself.

Co-dependencyDo you feel emotionally or psychologically reliant on your partner? Does your partner or family member suffer from an illness or addiction that requires a great deal of support from you. Is your sense of self broken and you know you need to find your way back to you?

Depression - Do you feel like you can't go on with life, like you can't see a way forward, that people would be better off without you? Do you feel isolated, alone and trapped in your head? Have you been having suicidal thoughts or visions, and feel like you can't talk to anyone about this for fear of their reaction. Depression is a very real and scary place to be stuck in, I want to help you find your way out of the hole.

* If you are having suicidal thoughts I advise that you contact your GP  as soon as you can.

Partner relationship issuesAre you experiencing problems in your relationship with your partner? Issues of security and trust, respect, space, closeness or intimacy, individuality and compromise, incompatible sex drives or infidelity. Committed long term relationships require nurturing attention and can be hard to navigate sometimes.

Family relationship issuesAre there frequent arguments in your family? Maybe there are frequent breakdowns in communication, angry outbursts or physical conflict. Are your feelings open for discussion or are things avoided, leaving your feelings swept under the carpet?

Self-esteem and confidence How do you feel about you? Do you operate from a place of feeling unworthy about yourself? Maybe you tend to apologise for yourself all the time, when in fact there is nothing to apologise for. Maybe you are very fearful and experience feelings of shame that prevent you from loving yourself in a way that allows you to feel good about yourself.

Self-harmIs your mental suffering so much that you feel the urge to cause yourself physical harm? Do you feel so lost and numb that the only way to process these difficult feelings is to harm yourself?

Sexuality - Some people struggle with accepting their sexual identity and orientation or experience the rejection of some loved ones as a result of their sexuality.

StressI imagine you are aware of the fight or flight response and how useful this is for our survival. The stress this induces within us is helpful when received in short amounts for our increased safety and productivity. What happens when we get stuck in the stress response too long, due to prolonged fight or flight reactions from work and/or relationships. We become negatively stressed and it can potentially consume us, to the point that we don’t see a way out, engulfed in our anxiety response.

Trauma Have you experienced psychological damage through highly stressful experiences. Maybe it is childhood trauma that continues to affect your present everyday life and relationships, or maybe you have been recently burgled, assaulted or abused and it has had a detrimentally stressful effect on you.

Young person developmental issues Growing up and separating from your parents is hard. You are finding out who you really are and it can be hard for family and friends to understand what you are going through. Maybe you feel alone and isolated in your world, like no-one cares. Maybe you overcome with feelings of fear about the world and the prospects of your future. Growing up is hard and all young people need a lot of support to make a healthy and productive transition into adult life.

Whatever issues you are facing, I will strive to work with you, to help you find a way forward. If I believe that the issues you are facing exceed my professional capabilities, or if you feel that I am not the right counsellor for you, I will endeavour to refer you on to a counsellor/psychotherapist with the relevant expertise, or potential relational qualities, that may be more suited to your requirements.


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